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event review

International conference MAINTENANCE FORUM 2017  

24-26th May 2017, Montenegro, Bečići, Hotel Splendid


It is our pleasure to inform you that Program Committee and Organizational Board of International conference Maintenance Forum 2017, were at the highest level of their tasks, while organizational cooperation between Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbian Maintenance Society, Institute IIPP Budva and Engage Certification Center was recognized as a key for success in realization of one of the most significant international conference in this part of the Europe.

In very pleasant atmosphere of hotel Splendid, which is the most beautiful hotel of the Adriatic coast, Maintenance Forum 2017 has gathered more than 120 participants (experts from industry, people from academic community of region and whole world, experts from Public Utility Companies etc.). Experts from the region and different parts of the world were on purposeful way, through paper presentations, discussions, several panels and sessions, and shared their knowledges and results of contemporary solutions and trends in the area of maintenance of technical systems and asset management. 

Within the Forum, also were held several satellite regional conferences, such as: Western Balkan Ministries Forum (WBMF), Montenigrin Economic Forum (MoNEF), Maintenance of Machinery and Equipment (OMO 2017), Conference of Leadership in Bussiness (KLIP 2017), Asset Management in Public Utillity Companies (AMKP), which also contributed to the significance of the Forum.

Forum was started with the introduction of “Maintenance Legends”. Forum participants were introduced with the work of Jack Hessburg-a (1934-2013), who was the first „Chief Mechanic“ in the history of airline industry and founder of „maintenance friendly“ approach in designing and maintenance of airplanes. Then, Andrew S. Jardine, professor from the Toronto University, one of the living “maintenance legends” presented the „Evidence based Asset Management“.

Forum grand opening was realized by prof. dr Jezdimir Knežević, founder of „Mirce Akademy“, United Kingdom, and by Jerry Holdswort, director of European Institute for Asset Management, also from United Kingdom.

Western Balkan Ministries Forum (WBMF) was held through panel discussion of Montenegrin Minister of Science, dr Sanja Damjanović, state secretary of Serbian Ministry of education, science and technological development, prof. dr Vladimir Popović, director of Directorate for science in Slovenian Ministry for education, science and sport, Urban Krajcar and minister for science in Republic of Srpska, prof. dr Jasmin Komić.

Prof. dr Miodrag Zec, full professor of economy on Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, was the chairmen of regional conference MoNEF, where participants discussed the collapse of socialism and the transition controversy.

Regional conference AMKP was held on 26th May, and gathered together presenters of Public Utility companies, such as: PU Lazarevac Sewerage,  PU Infostan technologies, PU Komunalne Službe Požarevac, PU Pension and Disability insurance, PU Belgrade waterworks and sewerage,  PU Veterina Beograd, PU Subotica gas, PU waterworks and sewerage Novi Sad, PU Sewerage Gornji Milanovac, PU waterworks and sewerage Zrenjanin, PU city markets Belgrade, PU Naisus Niš, PU waterworks and sewerage Tivat, Municipality center Sarajevo.

Panel discussion was opened by Mr. Dragan Đorđević, director of PU Belgrade waterworks and sewerage. He informed attendees about results, possibilities and plans of PU Belgrade waterworks and sewerage regarding the asset management system which PU Belgrade waterworks and Sewerage formed and implemented in the past 15 years.

Then, lessons about standardization in the area of Asset Management were held by Mr. Tomislav Nešovanović, which caused discussion that followed.

Special support to the panel gave Mrs. Nina Jandrić, City secretary of City of Belgrade for Urbanization, with answering to many questions about implementation of asset management in Utility Companies.

AMKP showed necessity for further improving of capacities in the area of Asset Management and announced new panels regarding to this wide topic.

A large number of papers, were presented through a large number of presentations during all three days of Forum by participants from academic community, such as: Faculty of Traffic and Transportation University of Belgrade, University in Toronto, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Banja Luka, Faculty of Organizational Science University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Belgrade, Faculty of Technical Science in Novi Sad, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy University of Belgrade, University of Pretoria, University of Leven,  Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten University in Germany, Volga State University of Technology etc., as well as participants who came from industry companies such as: HIP PETROHEMIJA Pančevo, SHP Celex Banja Luka, „Energy Testing and Balance“ USA, PU Srbijavode, Airport Nikola Tesla Belgrade, Messer Tehnogas, SGS Belgrade, Enetel Solutions, Roaming Solutions, Microsoft Serbia, Extreme Serbia, Tetra Pak Serbia, HK Krušik Valјevo, NIS a.d Novi Sad etc. Chairmen’s of the sessions, during the whole three days were: Prof. dr Branko Vasić, dr Miloš Petrović, mr Nada Stanojević, MEcon MEng Miloš Vasić i MSc Darko Stanojević.

Forum organizers give special thanks to the all participants who came from abroad: Sonny - Siniša Vidović, who came from USA, prof. dr Jezdimir Knežević, who came from United Kingdom, prof. dr Robert Bjeković, who came from Germany, prof. dr Andrew S. Jardine, who came from University of Toronto, Jerry Holdswort who came from United Kingdom, Chris Cloete who came from University of Pretoria, James Wakiru who came from Belgia and prof. dr Yuriy Andrianov who came from Russia.

Also, Forum organizers give many thanks to the Program Committee and Organizational Board, especially to the following members of Organizational Board: mr Nada Stanojević, BSc Ljubica Knežević, MSc Milica Mikić, MSc Darko Stanojeviću i MEcon MEng Miloš Vasić.

Likewise, many thanks to the all the sponsors, who with their unselfish contribution, also participated in successful organization of the Forum. We thank the following companies: CARDS Print - Serbia, SGS Belgrade - Serbia, Hip Petrohemija - Serbia, Hotel Bracera - Montenegro, Microsoft Serbia, ProjectLand - Serbia, Extreme Serbia, Remid Vis - Montenegro, magazines Montenegro and Prostor - Montenegro, Traffic Company Lasta Belgrade - Serbia, Stanton Chase - Serbia, Bambi - Serbia, etc.


The Forum

The Forum is considered a top priority meeting and discussion point for the technical and scientific community of maintenance and asset management, promoting sustainable solutions and a healthy business environment. The Forum will bring together people from different countries, sectors, industries, business environments and cultures.

This event will adress important issues of maintenance community with purpose to stimulate opinion, disscusion, challenges and solutions. With that said, it represents a unique opportunity to learn from the best, on how to turn maintenance and reliability into key motivators for sustainability and profitability of a company in a global market.

Forty-second scientific conference Maintenance of Machinery and Equipment (OMO 2017) will be held as part of the international Maintenance Forum 2017.


It doesn’t matter how experienced one is in maintenance - there is something here for everyone and always more than expected. Maintenance professionals from across the region will acquaint themselves with the latest technical developments in the area of maintenance and industrial servicing as well as measurement, control technologies and environmental control.


Topics will include the latest developments and guidelines in the field of maintenance of technical systems and manufacturing engineering, while special attention will be dedicated to the practical application of approved knowledge. All papers will be peer-reviewed, which guarantees high quality of information and the possibility of their direct application.
We will be focused on the following topics:

  • Maintenance & Asset Management

  • Industrial and infrastructure maintenance

  • Maintenance and production - technology, services, solutions and tools

  • ICT on Maintenance (e-Maintenance)

  • Quality management

  • Human resources, Training, Qualification, Certification

  • Safety, health and environmental protection

  • Best Practices

As applied in several industries...

  • General Manufacturing (automotive, aeronautics, plastics, electronics, electrical appliances...)

  • Process Industry (oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical...)

  • Health & Food (pharmaceutical, food & beverage...)

  • Power generation (nuclear, gas, coal, wind, ...)

  • Infrastructure & Grids (airport, harbour, railway, road, electricity, gas & water supply, telecom, pipelines...) Other Heavy Industry (cement, mining, steel, paper...)

  • Facilities & Building Maintenance

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Delegates can earn points by attending organized sections.

Maintenance Forum 2017 offers delegates 46 hours of continuing proffesional development.

Organized in partnership with

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development


Maintenance Forum 2017 Brochure

Organized by:

  Institute iipp Montenegro Engage Certification Center  
Technical Systems Maintenance Society University of Belgrade
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Platinum Sponsors:


Institute for research and development in commerce and industry


Friends of the Forum



Maintenance Forum 2017 | Hotel Splendid | 24-26th May 2017.